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Important Info To Help You Protect The Health Of Your Shingled Roof

Shingles, known for their long life, attractive appearance, and affordability, have consistently ranked as one of the most popular roofing options for residential homeowners. Some of these homeowners, however, may not understand some of the things they need to do to help get the most value and the longest life from their shingled roof. Homeowners who would like to ensure they are providing the best care and oversight may find the following information helpful in their efforts. 


One of the first tools that homeowners can use to extend the life of the shingles on their roof is to invest in an annual inspection with a qualified roofing contractor. These types of inspections will identify areas of concern, including the discovery of worn areas or shingle damage that could indicate a leak. In addition to an annual roof inspection, homeowners should also contact a trusted roofing contractor whenever they are planning a remodeling project that impacts the roofline of the home.


Another action that homeowners should take to protect and extend the life of their shingled roof is to ensure that the surface is kept clean. When dust, debris, leaf matter, and other substances are allowed to collect and remain on the surfaces of a residential roof, damage can occur. These materials can quickly form a thick layer of organic matter that collects and holds moisture from precipitation. When the sun shines down on the moist organic matter, it becomes heated and, over time, will cause the shingles beneath it to begin to degrade.

While the best option is for homeowners to keep the roof surface clean, the presence of organic materials is not always noticed in time to prevent damage. Homeowners who find that their shingled roof is already impacted by a thick mat of moist, hot organic matter should contact a roofing contractor before proceeding. If the organic matter has been in place for some time, the shingles beneath may have softened and degraded, making them unable to protect the sheathing and interior of the home from water damage. 

Homeowners who attempt to rake or pressure wash a longstanding mat of organic matter from a shingled roof could result in breaking or damaging the shingles. Instead, this type of project should be professionally handled by a reputable roofing contractor. After the offending materials are removed, the roofing contractor will be able to visually inspect the impacted area and decide on a repair plan to ensure that the home is protected from leaks.