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3 Breakfast Nook Options Ideal For Kitchen Renovations

If you decide to renovate your kitchen, then you have a wide range of options to choose from for your seating design. A breakfast nook will typically feature a small seating area that does not count as the main dining area of the home. As you seek out a breakfast nook installation for your kitchen, then you will have a wide range of options to choose from.

Check out three different designs that vary from a traditional corner booth and can add some unique elements to the kitchen area.

1. Window-Based Breakfast Bar

Instead of a traditional booth, consider a breakfast bar that sits right next to the kitchen windows. A breakfast bar includes a tall flat surface and is typically used with stools as the main form of seating. The breakfast bar can include stools that tuck right under the small counter space and will space floor space when not in use.

A breakfast bar will face people with a view right outside the window. You can see your backyard and other elements while you sit and enjoy a meal. A breakfast bar can expand out as far wide as you need. For example, a smaller kitchen may include a two-seat kitchen bar while a larger kitchen could expand out wider to include four seats.

2. Kitchen Island Booth Dining

Instead of breakfast in the corner, you can make the seating area right in the center of the ring. Larger kitchen islands may feature a dining booth built right into the island. So one section features a flat island top with storage options below the countertop. The booth area comes attached to the island on the side.

The booth is typically a round circular booth with a round table in the center. The booth offers a lot of seating options. You also have the option to place chairs on the open side of the booth as well.

3. Compartment Breakfast Nooks

As an alternative to an open breakfast nook, you could install a compartment breakfast nook. The compartment-style seating area includes a separate roof area from the typical kitchen ceiling. The compartment will feel separate from the rest of the kitchen and create an intimate dining experience.

You have the option to include built-in compartments that allow you to add decor in the nook areas. The materials in the compartment vary and can include a wide range of styles to match the rest of the kitchen renovation.

When you inquire about kitchen remodeling services, ask about breakfast nook options and ways you can transform your kitchen.