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6 Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen To Make It More Modern

Are you looking to transform your old kitchen and bring it into the modern age? You'll definitely want to know some creative ways to remodel your kitchen so that it has that modern look. 

Upgrade Your Appliances

Your appliances can help make a big statement about how you want your kitchen to look. Upgrading to stainless steel instantly gives the appearance of being modern and sleek, which can help bring other elements together. Stainless steel also has the benefit of not being a color that is going to go out of style anytime soon. 

Install New Countertops

If you do not have the budget to upgrade your cabinets, then you can really do a lot by upgrading the countertops. You can use materials like marble, granite, and quartz to transform the overall look of the kitchen, especially if you are replacing old countertops that are made out of laminate material. 

Install New Hardware

Old cabinets can also be freshened up by adding new hardware. Swapping out those old and outdated-looking handles can really go a long way to make cabinets feel updated. Pick a material that matches the other new elements of your kitchen to help tie it all together so it feels unified.

Install A Backsplash

If you have a simple backsplash behind your stove, you can really make it look more modern by adding a new backsplash behind it. Using a bold pattern to create a nice accent wall in your kitchen, or use a simple subway pattern to add a bit of color or texture. It all depends on how big the backsplash will be and the focus it has in the kitchen.

Use Modern Colors

Changing up the colors is an easy way to make a kitchen feel modern. Stick to neutral colors like gray, white, and black, and then use pops of bold colors to make them stand out. Feel free to swap out those bold colors over time by incorporating them into the things you place on your countertops and wall. This will help ensure that you're not stuck with the same bold colors forever. 

Add Smart Kitchen Technology

Incorporating technology into your kitchen will definitely make it feel more modern. This could include things like a voice-activated faucet, smart lighting, and digital assistant speakers to help read your recipes as you cook. If you are going to make a kitchen look more modern, you may as well make it feel modern as well with how you use it.

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