Taming The Remodeling Beast: Making It Simpler

3 Ways To Change Your Bathroom's Look With Remodeling Services

When you look at your main bathroom, you may be happy with the features but not entirely satisfied with the room's appearance. Adding decorations can help to improve the looks, but you might want to incorporate more permanent changes that alter the appearance.

Hiring remodelers to work on specific projects can give you excellent results without taking away the functionality or existing features that you enjoy.


Most water-resistant and durable flooring works in a bathroom. So, while you may like the flooring's functionality, you may also want flooring that you find visually appealing. Hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl are all viable flooring options for a bathroom. A smart move is to prioritize vinyl flooring for its water resistance and ability to look like other flooring materials.

When you go with vinyl flooring, you can find your favorite wood stain and species and find a model that looks identical or nearly identical. A homeowner can also go through this process with tile flooring and get vinyl with the tile color, design, and size they are interested in.


While changing the vanity can alter functionality, you can invest in remodeling projects that only change appearance. For instance, you can replace the bathroom mirror with one that is around the same size so that the primary differences are appearance-based, such as with the shape and framing.

A vanity is also easy to change when you replace the hardware, sink, and vanity top. These projects maintain the same vanity top dimensions and storage capacity. But you can change enough about the vanity that it may look completely different than it looked before.

Replacing the hardware, painting the cabinets, and investing in a new vanity top material and design will give you noticeable visual changes.


An exciting project to consider is window installation. A major advantage of adding windows is that they will not change or reduce your bathroom's functionality. In some cases, you may improve functionality by gaining enough natural light to rely on sunlight alone during the day.

When you are determined to maintain complete privacy for your family, you can invest in frosted windows because they greatly reduce visibility. Another option is to install skylights because the fact that they are installed in the ceiling ensures that privacy is maintained.

While some people may remodel their bathroom to change functionality, you may want to focus on appearance. Focusing on these projects is smart because they help you change and improve looks without negatively altering functionality.

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