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Signs It's Time To Replace Your Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are known to be long-lasting, but you'll have to replace them at some point. You don't have to be stuck with the same granite countertop for decades. You should know when to get a new granite countertop. Luckily, these signs should tell you it's time to get a granite countertop replacement.

Outdated Countertops 

Your granite countertops might still look good and well taken care of. However, you might need to get a replacement if the countertops look outdated. Remember, granite countertops keep on evolving. As such, designs will come and go. So, don't be surprised to find new granite countertop designs in the market. And, if you feel that your current countertops make your kitchen or bathroom outdated, replace them.

You Are Renovating

People love to renovate their homes after every few years. It helps them keep up with the trends and spruce up their homes. So, if you plan to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, don't forget the countertops. Swapping the old countertops with new ones should make a significant difference. Your kitchen should look new and up-to-date after installing new granite countertops.

You Want to Sell

You can sell your home if you want to relocate or downsize to a smaller home. However, ensure your home is in excellent condition before listing it for sale. You want a house that will wow potential buyers when you give them house tours. As such, you should consider replacing the old granite countertops as you remodel the home. 

The renovations will definitely cost money, but you'll recoup your investment after selling the home for a reasonable amount. Moreover, homes with lovely kitchens sell pretty fast.

The Countertops Don't Match Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertops aren't always a priority when remodeling the kitchen. Most people will first replace or reface the cabinets, change the backsplash and upgrade their appliances before considering the countertops. Besides, if the countertops are still in tip-top condition, why would you change them? 

Well, you might need to replace them if you realize they no longer match your recently remodeled kitchen. Maybe the colors no longer match after your recent upgrades. In that case, you'll have to get a granite countertop that complements your color scheme.

Visible Damage

Your granite countertop will sustain scratches, burns, and stains as it ages. Unfortunately, all these defects will show, and there is no way to hide them. And since you'd not want to be stuck with a countertop that looks worn and old, you should have it replaced. You can also ask your remodeler if there are granite countertop solutions that might solve the defects.