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Should You Add A Home Office? Or Remove One?

Home offices are all the rage for Americans in the post-pandemic world. But should you join this trend and add your own home office to your house design? Or should you buck the trend and remove one? Here are a few questions to help you find the right answer.

1. How Much Will You Use It? 

One of the most important factors for the inclusion of any room or dedicated space in a house is how much it will be used. Start by tracking your time working on activities in your current home office or which would be done in the new home office. This helps you to be realistic about how much this space is actually needed versus just desired out of habit. 

2. Do You Need Privacy?

How much privacy do you need in your home workspace? Do you need to close the door or block out the sound? Do you keep documents or equipment that need to be secured? Is anything potentially dangerous to kids or pets? One of the most important reasons to have a dedicated home office is to close that door. If you really do need to do that, little else will do. 

3. What Could You Do Instead?

When it comes to finding the right layout, start by questioning all your assumptions. Many people assume they should have a home office. But what could you use that space for instead? Look at what it's adjacent to. Could you expand the master suite, add an en suite bathroom to a bedroom, or build that bar you've always wanted? Would any of these add more value? 

4. Can a Multipurpose Room Work?

The best way to reduce wasted space in home design is to use the same square footage for different purposes at different times. For instance, a breakfast nook might double as an afternoon homework station. A multipurpose room could be anything from a home office that serves as a guest room to a flex room or just a nook in the master suite. 

5. How Much Space Is Needed?

If you do need a dedicated home office, how much space is necessary? Analyze how it will be used. If you need to videoconference on a regular basis, for instance, you may want to set up a location other than your desk. But that requires the right location and enough floor space. If you just do the household bills, on the other hand, you may only need a desk and outlet. 

Where to Start

The best way to answer these questions is to consult with an experienced home design contractor. They will work with you to identify your real needs, all your options, and the most effective use of your square footage. Call today to make an appointment. 

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