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4 Kitchen Layout Tips To Consider As You Design Your Space

Your kitchen can be more than a functional workspace. It should be a place where you enjoy cooking and spending time with your family — and a space where you really feel at home. If you want your kitchen to meet these goals, you need to design it with a good layout. Here are some layout tips to consider and discuss with a designer.

Widen the walkways.

The key paths you're going to take in your kitchen include from the fridge to the stove, the stove to the sink, and the fridge to the dining area. Sometimes there may be multiple people in the kitchen traveling along these same walkways. You want to design the walkways to be wide enough that two of you can pass each other without bumping shoulders. Extra width will also make it easier for you to carry big pots, big boxes, and other items across the kitchen. 

Place items that are used together near each other.

In the kitchen, there are generally pairs or groups of items that you use at the same time. For example, you probably use the toaster oven and coffee pot around the same time. You probably also use cutting boards and knives at the same time. Design your kitchen layout so these items can be housed and placed together. This will save you a lot of time walking back and forth across the kitchen. 

Keep appliances out of corners.

When appliances are placed in corners, they tend to be hard to access. Doors always swing into something. Or, you will be unable to open the cabinet next to the appliance without the cabinet door banding into it. Keeping appliances out of corners tends to make for a better kitchen layout overall. Instead, put shelving units or Lazy Susans in corners.

Leave space around appliances multiple people tend to use.

If you have a family, your toaster oven may become a gathering place in the morning. The fridge may also get pretty busy. Leave more space around these appliances so you're not bumping into one another when you use them. Doing so will also decrease the risk of burns and other mishaps.

Keep the above tips in mind as you design your space. If your kitchen design is laid out in a way that suits your needs, you may find that you cook more often and get better results. Good luck, and enjoy.