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The Rewards Of Picking Spanish Tile Roofing

Spanish tiles are mainly made of clay, giving your home a more traditional look. They can go for decades without experiencing wear and are ideal for most residential homes. Because of their heavy nature, they make sense in strong structures with stone or brick sidings. However, lighter tile versions are available for delicate designs. 

Also, if the traditional look is not your go-to, you can opt for the latest Spanish tile roofing options that resemble shakes, slate, and wood shingles. Take a look at the advantages of Spanish tile roofing installation.

They Help Minimize Heat Transfer

Spanish tiled roofs are ideal for hot areas where heat transfer is a major challenge, thanks to their natural thermal resistance properties. During installation, roofers place them individually to create air spaces that provide natural ventilation. External heat will not transfer inside your home, so you can stay cool during summer and warm on cold days, saving your energy bills.

They Create a Unique Look

Spanish tile roofing is your answer if you want to add some personality to your roof. Its brown earth, rustic red, and terra cotta color pallets make it stand out. The tiles can fit most architectural designs, both modern and traditional. Homeowners will also choose Spanish tiled roofs because of the charm and aesthetic appeal they add to a home.

They Are Easy To Maintain or Replace

When buying a roof, you must consider future maintenance costs. Ideally, you need roofing options like Spanish tiles that don't demand much attention. One or two inspections a year is all you need to check leaks, cracks, or debris buildup. If a few tiles are missing, you do not need to rip off the entire roof because your residential roofer can easily install new ones on the empty spots.

They Are Tough and Environmentally Friendly

Spanish tiles are tough enough to beat most harsh weather conditions compared to some roofing options. Thanks to the naturally occurring material, they will remain resilient during hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires. 

Therefore, is also a minimal need for chemicals or hazardous material during the manufacturing process, making them one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options available. Also, once the tiles wear out, they can be recycled and reused.

There is a lot to reap from Spanish tile roofing, and you should consider them when installing a new roof. Be sure to contact a residential roofing contractor to do the installations.