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When Should You Seek Roof Replacement Services? 4 Signs You Should Not Ignore

When you notice damage on your roof during an inspection, minor repair services are usually enough to solve the problem. However, the roofing contractor might recommend replacing the entire roofing system if the damage is beyond repair. As an average homeowner, you might not know when it's time for a new roof. This piece will shine some light on the topic and help you determine when a roof replacement is necessary. The following are warning signs you should not ignore.

1. Sagging Roof

When you look at your roof from a distance, you might notice it seems droopy. It might appear sunken in some spots, and its roofline uneven. If this is the case, you should investigate the issue further by inspecting the roofing system's condition. If it feels spongy and unstable, you could be in trouble.

Leaving it unattended could cause the roof to collapse, putting your loved ones at risk. Consider discussing with your roofer about replacing the roof immediately.

2. Plant Growth on the Roof

Neglecting your roof can lead to extensive plant, moss, mold, and algae growth. However, leafy growth on your roof doesn't automatically mean that the shingles can no longer serve you. Your roofer will help you determine whether the situation can be addressed. You may only need to clear the growth and clean the surface to restore the roof's structural integrity.

However, if the growth is so extensive that the shingles are damaged, you might need to replace the entire system. The moss and algae might have gotten to the inner layers of the roof, creating holes, causing water damage and roof leaks.

3. Extensive Damage

After a storm, a few missing or damaged shingles can easily be fixed through repair. The roofing contractor will replace the shingles and stop further roof deterioration. In some cases, the storm might leave irreparable damage. This is particularly common where trees and branches break and land on the roof.

Depending on the severity of the damage, the roofer might recommend replacing the entire roofing system. Financial factors might also come into play. Replacing the roof might be cheaper than repairing extensive damage over and over.

4. Old Roof System

Roofing systems play a great role in maintaining the value of a property. Some architectural roof designs slowly became obsolete and unattractive in the real estate market. If you feel your roof is outdated, you might need to replace the roof to boost property value in the market when the time comes for you to sell your home. The roofer will guide you in selecting modern materials and designs to help boost property value.

If you have encountered any of the signs, it is evident that your roof needs replacement. Make proper plans and get your finances right for the replacement project. Remember to involve a roofing contractor when planning and implementing the project.