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Adding Space To Your Home: Additions And More To Get The Most Out Of Remodeling

One of the biggest trends in home additions recently is adding space to the kitchen. There are only a few remodeling projects more popular than a new kitchen. While the most popular choice is a total kitchen design upgrade, that doesn't necessarily mean getting a new kitchen. It could mean adding on a family room, mudroom, breakfast area, or den. There are many options for adding on and getting the most out of your space. Here are a few things you might want to know to get the most out of the new space you add to your home:

Top Reasons for Adding Space to Your Home

What is there to do when you outgrow your home? You find yourself needing more space or wanting to add a room for your needs. Some of the reasons homeowners want to add space to their homes include:

  • To make room for a growing family—One of the most common reasons to add to a home is to create space for a growing family. If you need space for a nursery or extra rooms, an addition is often the best solution.
  • More value in your home—Adding space gives you more options for decorating, which means more value if you are interested in selling it. Home additions and changes to the design of your home not only add space but also add value. When people see that you've added space, they're more likely to think that there is room for growth in your home, increasing the price they're willing to pay.
  • To create an open-concept design—If you've already added room to your home by extending your kitchen or other areas, converting spaces into an open-concept design will not only make them seem larger, but it will also increase the overall value of your home in today's competitive real estate market.

You might have other reasons to add to your homes, such as adding an all-seasons room or a home office area for telecommuting to work when you need to.

Evaluate Your Home's Existing Layout

Your home's existing layout is another area where you will want to plan for a home addition. Evaluate the existing space to decide how it can be changed. You might want to draw a layout of the existing floorplan and the area of landscaping outdoors where you plan on making the changes. This will allow you to create several drawings of different options that you might want to do for your home addition project.

Making the Most Out of Existing Space

Whether you are adding rooms or an entire floor or attic, start by mapping out what needs to be done in order to make improvements to your space. Then make a list of things that need to be done in order to make the changes. For example, if you are doing an open-concept design, you might want to use the existing areas to create an open kitchen and living room area for your family's main living space.

Getting Help From a Remodeling Pro for Your Home Addition  

Home additions are expensive, but they can give a great return on investment if done correctly. Contact a home addition service, such as Wall to Wall Construction, LLC, to start evaluating your home and planning your project.  A professional remodeling service can help with the complete home addition project, from the planning to completing the new space you are adding to your home.