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3 Tips To Avoid Common Kitchen Appliance Garage Problems

Do you want to keep your kitchen neater and have all your tools at hand? Then you may want to add appliance garages to your renovation plans. An appliance garage, as its name implies, is a small, dedicated space in which a small appliance is stored and that has a door to hide the appliance from view. 

But, while appliance garages can be a great addition to any space, you will also need to avoid some common pitfalls. To help you do that, here are three key tips for the creation of your own appliance garages. 

1. Be Sparing With Garages

An appliance garage is a great storage choice, but too many of them will rob you of the counter space you need for other things. So don't go overboard trying to create a dedicated countertop storage space for every small appliance. Focus on the right ones instead.

The best appliances to keep in a garage are generally those you use every day — like a coffee maker — or those which are too heavy or awkward to take in and out of other storage. Put everything else in cabinets. 

2. Keep Them A Little Flexible

A great appliance garage is just about the right size and shape for the appliance it will host. This reduces wasted space. However, it can also make them inflexible should your needs ever change. If you can't fit your new professional food processor in the food processor garage, after all, that storage area may be wasted.

So when planning any garage, consider sizing it a little less perfectly so as to accommodate different models of appliances. And by something as simple as designing the garage all the way to the upper cabinet instead of keeping it short, you can decide later if you want to house the toaster or the blender — or both — for your morning routine. 

3. Consider Placement

Many people place appliance garages based primarily on where there is extra space in the kitchen layout. However, this could make yours less useful and your work less efficient — the opposite of what a good appliance garage should do. 

Instead, figure out where you would prefer to keep your cooking tool and then work the design around this placement. A food processor, for instance, should be part of the main food prep area, surrounded by plenty of counter space and close to cleanup areas as well. By planning its location first, you can integrate it where it should be and still have a great layout.

Where to Start

Want more tips for avoiding any problems with your appliance garages? Start today by consulting with a professional who provides kitchen remodels in your area.