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3 Excellent Counter Materials That Cost Less Than Granite

Granite counters are often seen as the premier option in a kitchen. They're very hard to scratch or damage, and they look absolutely beautiful. However, they do come with a high price tag. If granite does not fit into your budget, that's totally okay. There are some other excellent counter materials that won're beak the bank.


If you are really set on the stone look, then quartz is a good substitute for granite. There are some quartz options that will cost just as much, if not more than granite, but there are also some very affordable quartz counters to consider. Quartz is an engineered store. In other words, it is a material manufactured from various individual pieces of stone, where as granite counters are cut from a big slab. Because manufacturers can use small, scrap pieces of stone to make quartz, it can often be made and sold quite affordably.

You can find quartz in a wide array of colors and patterns. Some are made to look like marble or granite, and others are bright, flashy, and colorful. Browse some color choices to see what looks best to you.


Making counters from concrete sounds a little strange at first, but consider that concrete counters do not look like your gray concrete sidewalk. Rather, the concrete can be finished with almost any color finish to give it a customized look. It will always look a little rustic, but you can have it stained black, deep brown, green, or any other color that appeals to you.

Concrete is sturdy and can be finished to be heat-proof. It may scratch and ding over time, but then you'll just need to have it refinished, which is not expensive or difficult. Concrete counters are very affordable compared to granite — think hundreds of dollars, not thousands.


Slate is another stone that is far more abundant than granite and therefore more affordable. It is also easier to work with. Slate has a bit of a rustic, less refined look, so it works well in country kitchens and industrial kitchens. It comes in an array of shades, most with a gray undertone.

Slate is a softer stone and will scratch over time, but you can have it refinished when this happens. It is heat and stain-resistant.

If you can't afford granite, don't worry. Slate, quartz,and concrete countertops all look amazing, too, and for a lot less.