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Basement Finishing Design Ideas To Create A Modern Style When Adding Valuable Space To Your Home

If you are planning on finishing your basement, there are many options for the materials and features that you add to your home with this unused space. If you have a home with a contemporary design or are doing renovations to make an older home more modern, you may want to continue these design themes when you finish the basement of your home. The following basement finishing ideas will help you add modern spaces to your home:

Take the Advantage of Modern Lighting Technology to Give the Basement A Modern Look  

Modern lighting is one of the best solutions to give your newly finished basement a modern look and feel. Consider indirect lighting with LED technology, which can include RGB lights that can add colors to your basement. There are also options for installing this type of lighting embedded in epoxy with concrete floors to create illusions and artistic designs that combine the light and floor designs for a unique contemporary look.  

Install an Open Modern Steel or Metal Staircase for An Open Look and Durable Finish  

The stairs that are usually installed in conventional home interiors are wood units with a more traditional look. If you are trying to give your home more of a modern look and feel, using alternatives like metal staircases with glass or cable railings is a great way to add a touch of modern design to the basement of your home. In addition, these modern metal staircases are also ideal for open concept designs that make spaces feel open and allow more light into the basement.  

Using Modern Floor Finishes and Materials to Give Your Basement A Contemporary Design  

Today, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to finishing floors in the basement. For a more contemporary design, consider an industrial-like finish by acid staining the concrete floors. There are also options for modern engineered floors and vinyl materials that can give the basement a modern feel. In addition, you may want to consider carpet options with commercial or industrial carpet materials that are designed to be more water-resistant and durable.  

Less Trim, More Straight Lines, and A Cleaner Modern Look for A Contemporary Basement Design  

Conventional materials that are used to add the finishing touches to home interiors include cabinetry, trim and moldings that clutter the design. For a more contemporary look, you want to have as many straight lines as possible and fewer details to clutter the space. Where you do use moldings and trim, use materials with clean lines and consider using unconventional materials like polished metals.  

These are some basement finishing ideas that will help continue a contemporary home design style into the basement of your home. If you are ready to add valuable space to your home, contact a basement finishing contractor and talk to them about some of these modern ideas to finish your basement.