Taming The Remodeling Beast: Making It Simpler

Remodeling A Half Bath: Giving A Small Space A Big Look

A half bath doesn't need to look or feel small. With the right touches, this space can feel like a luxurious part of your home. If you're ready to remodel and you aren't sure how to approach this project, talk at a bathroom remodeling contractor and use the following ideas for inspiration.

Recessed Cabinetry

Instead of relying on a medicine cabinet to hold toiletries and other personal items, consider adding a recessed cabinet with open shelves. This space can be used for everything from hand towels to toilet tissue, and it also provides space for decor items. Choose a richly finished frame in a color that matches your new design theme to create a cohesive look. You can also have your contractor install recessed lighting at the top of the cabinet to illuminate the shelves and add an upscale finishing touch.

Tile Focal Wall

Tile walls aren't as necessary on every wall of a half bath, but adding a tile focal wall can create a unique look in the room. Using the wall where the sink and toilet are located, create this focal point with a beautiful tile design. Mosaic tiles in rich hues of blue or neutral gray offer a stunning appearance, while crisp white subway tile can give the space a vintage feel. Have your contractor install the tile from floor to ceiling to make this element of your remodel more impactful.

Sconce Lighting

One way to create a luxury hotel look in your half bath is to add sconce lighting on either side of the vanity mirror. The extra light can give the space depth and dimension, and lights with decorative accents can complete your chosen decor theme. Designs with frosted shades and brushed nickel finishes can offer a timeless look, while sconces featuring Edison-style bulbs offer a more vintage appearance. You can also choose from a range of ultra-modern designs to fit your personal aesthetic.

Storage Vanity

Because storage space is at a minimum in most half baths, you may want to consider adding a vanity with lots of built-in storage. Some designs feature open shelves at the bottom for hand towels and toiletries, while others come with a series of drawers and doors to keep personal items out of sight. If your half bath is part of your home's guest bedroom suite, consider a vanity with extra drawers. You can leave one or two empty for your guests' personal items and stock the rest with soaps, shampoos, and toilet tissue.