Taming The Remodeling Beast: Making It Simpler

Need To Get More From Your Small Bathroom? Smart Remodeling Tips To Consider

Homeowners who frequently watch - and drool - over the ultra-spacious bathrooms featured on cable television home improvement shows are often yearning for a larger bathroom in their own home. Some of these homeowners may not, however, feel that achieving a larger bathroom space will ever be possible in their own home, due to its floor plan or design. If you count yourself among this group, these remodeling tips may be just what you need to make your dreams of a beautifully spacious bathroom come true. 

Be willing to gut the space and start over

Homeowners can sometimes fail to see the potential of the space because of what is already there. Instead of trying to find a way to work around existing cabinetry and fixtures, be willing to allow the space to be completely gutted and redesigned. Doing this will allow you the freedom to move fixtures and make changes in storage space that can make the entire room feel much larger

When gutting the space, it can also be very helpful to look at each perimeter wall and determine what lies behind it. If there is extra space available in an adjoining room, it may be worthwhile to consider extending the bathroom to take advantage of that space. Before deciding to do this, homeowners must talk with their contractor and make sure that no load-bearing walls are removed in the process. 

Consider streamlining fixtures to improve the design

Another possible way to add more space in your home's bathroom during a remodeling project is to streamline the fixtures. This is particularly useful if you are renovating a bathroom that was built several decades ago. Modern shower, commode, and sink designs are available now with simple, graceful designs that take up far less space while providing just as much comfort during use. 

As part of the process of streamlining the fixtures, homeowners with small bathroom spaces may want to do away with their bulky combination bathtub and shower enclosure and instead opt for a large tiled shower that takes up less floor space. The new tiled shower can be designed to include storage in the form of a large shower niche, which will free up more space in the rest of the room. It can also feature a bench for comfort and glass doors to help make the room visually more spacious.  

To get even more great ideas for transforming your cramped bathroom into a spacious, comfortable haven, make time to discuss your needs and concerns with a bathroom remodeling contractor like Artistic Design and Remodeling in your area.