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4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends That Give You More From Your Home Renovations

There are many trendy features that you can add to your bathroom, but only a few trendy improvements add value to your home. When you are investing in major home renovations like remodeling your bathroom, you want to get the most out of your investment. Here are some of the bathroom remodeling trends that will give your more value from your home renovations for years to come:

1. Lasting Natural Stone, Marble, and Tiles for A More Timeless Bathroom Design

One of longest-running trends in bathroom design is the use of marble and other natural stones. If you want a bathroom design that will always be trendy, consider using stone materials when renovating your bathroom. Marble can be a costly choice, so you may want to consider alternatives like slate tiles, granite, or synthetic materials that are made to look like marble or stone.

2. Using Vintage Fixtures and Materials to Combine Classic Style with A Modern Design

The fixtures in your bathroom are another area where old trends can be used. For example, consider using vintage brass plumbing fixtures and exposed pipes, or restoring an antique tub with brass feet. These features will add a touch of elegant style to your modern bathroom design.

3. Using Modern Technology in A Subtle Way for The Latest Comforts in Bathroom Designs

Technology in home renovations can be great for convenience, but it is also easy to go overboard with technology that you add in areas like bathrooms. In the remodeling design of your bathroom, consider subtle technology improvements, such as heated floors, towel warmer bars, or automated window treatments with conventional electrical controls. The less technology is visible in your bathroom, the better the finished project will look.

4. Natural Light and Lighting Designs That Brighten Up the Space in Bathroom Designs

Dark, shadowy bathrooms are never trendy and can be improved in several ways. First, add more natural light to the bathroom with bigger windows, skylights, and using bright-colored materials. In addition, look for modern lighting designs with backlighting and additional light fixtures in your bathroom. If you are working with a smaller space, avoid darker colors and design features that block natural light. Minimalist designs with fewer materials work great to bring more light into smaller bathrooms and brighten them up.

These are some of the bathroom remodeling trends that will give you more from your investment in home renovations. If you are ready to update an outdated bathroom in your home, contact a bathroom remodeling contractor and talk to them about some of these ideas to get more out of your investment. For more information, contact companies like Paradise Kitchens SRQ.