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Should You Upgrade To Artificial Turf?

More and more homeowners are putting down fake turf as a substitute for grass. To some, fake turf doesn't have the charm of a well-manicured grass lawn. However, it does have a lot of significant benefits that are hard to ignore. Many people who install turf on their property might even admit that they prefer the look of real grass, but they don't have the time or money to maintain it as well as they would like.

Use Less Water

Grass maintenance, especially in arid conditions, is time and water consuming. One of the best reasons to put down artificial turf is to be more eco-friendly and use less water. The water we use to grow our lawn can constitute a very high percentage of our overall household water consumption. If your water bills are significantly higher during the summer, you will probably be very grateful to have an artificial turf product that never needs to be watered, cut, or re-sodded.

It goes without saying that the cost of installing an artificial turf is going to be much more than that of laying sod. But, the money saving comes after several years of owning the turf and never having to water or maintain it. You could conceivably cut your water bill in half every month.


Artificial turf surfaces are eco-friendly in other ways. They are usually made out of recycled materials, making them great for people worried about their carbon footprint.

Fake Turf Looks Very Real

Modern artificial turf is more realistic looking than ever. If you touch the blades, they feel very authentic. In fact, when you compare them to older artificial turf surfaces there is no comparison. They also are softer with self-draining bottom layers that replicate the feel of real soil.

Many of the same products that are used on professional sporting fields are now being used on residential properties. If you have a large lawn and spend a lot of time playing on it, you'll enjoy the fact that it requires zero maintenance or cutting. You don't need to maintain a sprinkler system, you don't need to keep your lawnmower or edger running, and you never need to use any harmful fertilizers.

Artificial turfs are perfectly safe for children and pets. Even if your pet goes to the bathroom on your turf, it will absorb safely drain into the sub layer.

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