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Making A Basement Rental? Get Custom Cabinets To Create An Impressive Kitchen

Owning a home with a basement gives you a lucrative opportunity for turning the space into a rental. If the space is not finished, this is something that you will need to handle.

While you may hire professionals for numerous projects that are above your knowledge and skill level, you can still save a lot of money by doing most of the work yourself. If you are working on the kitchen, you will need to invest in cabinets that give the future tenants sufficient storage. A great plan is to consider all the details that can help you create an impressive kitchen.


When you are working with an empty space, you will have a lot more flexibility with the measurements compared to replacing the existing cabinets in your own kitchen. A smart idea is to provide ample storage for tenants because it will help them avoid a cluttered space. You can do this by getting custom cabinets that reach the ceiling without having to sacrifice anything.

Wood Type

If you know that you want to rent the basement out for many years, you may want to invest in a wood type known for its strength and durability. The last thing you want is to perform an inspection on the basement and notice small scratches and dents on the cabinets. This would require you to get repairs, replace cabinet doors, or rent the place with visible wear and tear.


Planning out the cabinets early on is an excellent idea because you can make sure the hardware works well with your other hardware choices throughout the entire basement. For instance, if you choose cabinet pulls for the bathroom, you may want it to match in the kitchen. If you are doing the kitchen before the bathroom, you should think about what you want in both rooms.

Another detail that you should analyze is the finish. Going with a brass finish in the kitchen can lead to a mismatched look when you have a chrome or aluminum look elsewhere.


Even though your future tenants may live in a basement, you can provide them with a high-end experience, especially in the kitchen. For instance, getting cabinets that are self-closing will make the space feel a little more luxurious compared to not having this feature at all. Another feature worth adding is drawer slides that will make it quiet and easy to open and close the cabinets.

Getting custom cabinets with these details in mind will help you create an impressive kitchen. Contact a company like Sierra Remodeling & Home Builders Inc for more information and assistance.