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The Beauty Of Tile Shower Enclosures

Custom tile shower enclosures can add a lot of style to any bathroom. This is particularly true if it has a dynamic, floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure. This can be an expensive project, but it can add a lot of style and value to any bathroom. This article explains why tile shower enclosures are such a good decision when remodeling your bathroom.

A Fully Customized Bathroom

The best thing about installing tile in your bathroom is that you can customize it. The homeowner can install basically any tile that they like, and design a custom layout. Of course, not every tile is as practical as others, particularly when it comes to the wet environment of a bathroom. That is, bathroom floors, especially those in the shower, get very wet, so using a porous stone is probably not that practical. It will need to be sealed quite often to shield it from the moisture. Natural stone tiles are absorbent when it comes to water and soap scum. This can lead to mold and a surface that gets dirty very quickly. This is why you should choose a more practical, lower maintenance tile material. There are many stone tiles that come with a permanent, waterproof glaze. This waterproofs the tile and protects it from various forms of moisture damage.

Grout Needs to Be Sealed

However, it is also important to point out that any tile floor is going to need maintenance. This is because of the grout lines. Grout is the most porous and vulnerable part of any tile floor, and can definitely be a weak point. If the grout gets compromised, it can weaken the entire floor and create a surface that is unstable and susceptible to the formation of mold. However, you can easily prevent this by just sealing your grout lines once every few years.

A tile shower enclosure looks best when you use the same product that you have on the floor and countertop in the rest of your bathroom. This creates a cohesive style and adds class to the room. Obviously, a custom tile shower or bath enclosure might ultimately require more money and a little more maintenance than a boring, precast fiberglass shower enclosure. But it is a smart investment if you want to customize your room and make it truly your own. To learn more about renovating your bathroom tiles, talk to companies like Lookout Renovation Company.