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Reasons To Repaint The Inside Of The Home White Before You Choose Another Color

When you are walking into a home for the first time, the one thing that you want to determine is the structure of the home. This includes the size of the rooms and the layout of the building. If the rooms are different colors, especially bright or deep colors, it can take away from your ability to judge the room. If you are moving into a home, you should consider having the entire home painted white or builders beige by a place like Dave's Minor Changes  instead of selecting brand new colors straight off. Here are a few reasons to repaint the interior of your home white before you get started with any further decorating. 

You determine if the room can handle color

Some rooms look better when they remain in their white color. White tends to help reflect light and it makes the room look wider. If you have bedrooms or den areas of the home that is small in square footage, these rooms look better when they are in white. On the other hand, larger rooms may look better if you have an accent wall with one bright wall or a patterned wallpaper. In order to get a glimpse of the true feel of the room, you will need to first see the rooms in white. 

The house is back at factory settings

Homes that are painted in a number of different colors inside can look mismatched in a bad way. When you bring in furniture that is of a different color than the current room paint, it can make it seem as if everything about the look of the room is off. Instead of dealing with the home's paint job as is, have painting contractors come and set the interior of the home back to factory settings. This will give you a clean slate for your furniture and picture placement. 

Hiring a decorator is easy

When you just aren't sure how to set up a room, it is best to hire an interior decorator to get your home style together. It can be difficult for an interior decorator to get a  feel for what is best to put into your home with oddly colored rooms. Going back to the white walls will allow your interior decorator to use their mind's eye in determining what decor and accents will go best with the home design style that you prefer. Gaining help from an interior decorator can also help you solidify the best colors for the walls during the selection of your room themes.