Taming The Remodeling Beast: Making It Simpler

Remodeling You Can Do On A Budget

If your home is a little lack-luster and in need of some updating, there are things you can do to give you a little more bang for your buck. You may not be able to do a complete home remodel on your budget, but there are still things you can do to help bring your house into this decade that won't break the bank and most of these things you can do all by yourself, which can also save you some money. See below for some budget remodeling tips.

A New Coat Of Paint

A coat of paint can definitely go a long way in making your home look more up to date. Go with neutral colors that will go with any type of decor. This way when you change your mind from the modern look and want to go with a more farmhouse look in a few months, you won't have to paint all over again. Neutral and lighter colors can also make a room appear larger and feel clean. Painting doesn't cost too much money and anyone can paint if you have the right tools, quality paint and take the time to do it right.

New Flooring

Flooring doesn't have to cost you a lot of money. In fact, if you are looking for tile or even wood, look into using vinyl or laminate instead for a cheaper option without the hefty cost. These types of flooring can hold up well over time and give you the look you are trying to achieve without burning up your budget. Laminate and vinyl are both easy to install and can be done by yourself.

Updated Light Fixtures

Update the light fixtures around your home and get rid of those bubble lights, gold-colored vanity light bars, or track lights throughout your home. You can find updated lighting options at your local hardware or big box store that do not cost a lot of money. Change the lights in the rooms that are used most or seen most often (such as the powder room, kitchen, living space and foyer), then change the rest later.

Install A New Faucet

Take out the old faucet in your kitchen and replace it with something a little sleeker. Check out some faucets at your hardware store and look for something that matches with your decor. If your sink is in bad shape, install a new sink to go with it. Both of these can be fairly inexpensive or cost you quite a bit of money, depending on your taste and your budget. If you're fairly handy with plumbing, you can do this job yourself.

Remodeling projects don't always have to be huge projects that require blueprints. Some things can make a large impact, without being too costly, and can be done by yourself. Make a list of things you want to get done and try your best to stay within your budget. Call a home remodeling pro for the larger projects you can't do yourself to ensure they are done properly.