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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Log Siding

Log siding is, like its name suggests, siding for your home that is made out of solid wood logs, creating a distinctive and natural aesthetic for your home that other types of materials can't match. Due to the distinct material qualities of wooden logs, siding that is made out of logs carries a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding what those benefits and drawbacks are can help you figure out if log siding is the right fit for your home's siding needs.

Advantages of Log Siding

Insulation: One of the main advantages of installing log siding on your home is the fact that the sheer thickness of the logs means that log siding is great at blocking out exterior temperatures and noise. This can help improve the comfort level within your home, by reducing drafts, and log siding can reduce the load on your central heating and cooling systems, saving you money throughout the year.

Aesthetic Appeal: Another advantage of log siding is the fact that it provides a completely unique aesthetic to the exterior of your home that can't be replicated by other types of siding. This can help boost your home's curb appeal and can add value, if you are considering selling in the near future.

Durability: In addition to helping insulate your home, the thickness of the logs used for log siding provides a protective layer around your home that is able to withstand weather exposure and physical damage without cracking or breaking.

Disadvantages of Log Siding

Maintenance: However, log siding does come with a major downside: the amount of maintenance that it requires. Log siding will need to be continually sealed and stained to protect against water exposure and to fix minor cracks between the logs that begin to appear, due to temperature fluctuations throughout the year. This drives up the long run costs associated with log siding, which makes it less than ideal for homeowners with a tighter budget.

Pests and Rot: Another key disadvantage associated with log siding is the fact that it is susceptible to damage by pests or by wood rot. Both of which are more likely to occur, after extensive water exposure. These types of damage can cause significant structural defects to your siding, which can require entire sections to be replaced. While regular maintenance can be done to make such damage less likely, it is still important to take into consideration.