Taming The Remodeling Beast: Making It Simpler

Farmhouse Essentials For Your Kitchen Remodel

The farmhouse style is all about simplicity, so you can rest easy in knowing less will be more when it comes to your kitchen remodel. Reclaimed elements, distressed finishes, and improved function are key traits to this stylish kitchen design, but you may not know where to get started. With this guide, you will learn a few must-haves to include in your farmhouse kitchen remodel.

Cabinetry Makeover

Your cabinetry is the focal point of the kitchen, so make sure they are in good working condition to begin. Replace any damaged cabinets if necessary. A few cabinets with glass-front doors will lighten up your kitchen while giving you an attractive space for displaying collectibles and china.

To improve the look of existing cabinets without spending a lot of money, consider applying a fresh coat of paint and installing new hardware.

Paint cabinets white to make your kitchen look and feel clean and crisp. Install new door knobs and drawer pulls in an oil-rubbed bronze finish that is modern and timeless.

To open up your kitchen, remove a section of cabinetry and add open shelving for storing dishes, cookbooks, and even a small herb garden. Chunky wood shelves add a rustic appeal to your space. Or, install wood shelves on metal rods for a modern industrial look that can complement farmhouse design nicely.

Sink Solutions

First used in the 17th century as a means of holding a large amount of water, the apron-front farmhouse sink has become a must-have in today's homes. The larger, deeper sinks provide a comfortable, efficient area for washing dishes.

While they offer an improved function, farmhouse sinks are also appealing additions to the kitchen. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and material options. Of course, each option offers its own set of pros and cons.

Consider a durable stainless steel that will always be in style or a fireclay farmhouse sink that is resistant to scratches and chips. For an antiquated look, opt for copper or porcelain.

It is important to note that farmhouse sinks are under mount designs, which are installed in and under your kitchen countertops. For the best look, make sure to have countertops measured before ordering your new farmhouse sink. This will ensure your sink fits into your counter and cabinet design without any problems.

Farmhouse design is more than just a trend. For many, it is a way of life. With these essentials, you can enhance your kitchen cabinets and sink using elements inspired by an old farmhouse. Contact a company, like Olson Cabinets & Woodworking Inc, for more help.